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Thu 28 Jun, 2012

Below, Prof. Sheldon Nahmod summarizes today's complicated decision. Prof. Nahmod has also posted some additional thoughts on the opinion on his blog, NahmodLaw. Additionally, Oyez has posted its plain-English summary of the Court's ruling.

Thu 28 Jun, 2012

The blockbuster decision by the Court to uphold the controversial Individual Mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act relied on an argument that, until today, most of the media had entirely overlooked.

Tue 24 Apr, 2012

Prof. Hank Perritt of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law discusses the Federalism issues at stake in Arizona v. United States, the final oral argument of the Supreme Court's 2011 term.

Wed 18 Apr, 2012

Prof. Carolyn Shapiro of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law reviews the Supreme Court's decision.

Tue 27 Mar, 2012

The final question the Court will address in its review of the Affordable Care Act is whether the law's expansion of Medicaid is a valid exercise of Congress' power under the Spending Clause.

Thu 15 Mar, 2012

The Supreme Court's review of the Affordable Care Act cases arose out of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. There, a divided three judge panel struck down the most contentious portions of the law.

As a preview of the upcoming arguments before the Supreme Court, Oyez has collected and transcribed the arguments in the Eleventh Circuit, which you can listen to below.

Mon 26 Mar, 2012

The third question the Court will hear in its review of the Affordable Care Act concerns whether the individual mandate provision is legally severable from the rest of the law. Prof. Steve Heyman provides a primer on the question.

Wed 21 Mar, 2012

We've put together a special feature focused on the Supreme Court's review of the Affordable Care Act. The page contains background information on the cases and the justices, as well as videos, in plain English, that explain the issues the Court will review.

Update: We've posted the audio and transcript of the first of the four arguments. Check it out!

Mon 19 Mar, 2012

Prof. Chris Seaman of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law highlights the issues involved in Astrue v. Capato, which will be heard by the Supreme Court on Monday, March 19, 2012.

Tue 13 Mar, 2012

Prof. Sheldon Nahmod of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law and author of the Nahmod Law blog discusses most watched question to be addressed by the Court in its review of President Obama's healthcare reform legislation.

Wed 7 Mar, 2012

At the end of this month, the Supreme Court will hear what may be one of the most significant challenges of the Roberts Era - the Affordable Care Act Cases. Prof. Kent Streseman of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law discusses the first, somewhat obscure question the Court will hear.

Oyez is now putting the finishing touches on a special feature that will delve deeper into the origins of the ACA cases and clarify the questions they raise. Stay tuned!

Tue 6 Mar, 2012

There's been a great deal of coverage in the media about the amount of time the Court has allocated to arguments in the ACA challenges, which it will hear at the end of this month. Just how significant is it that the Court granted six hours of arguments to these challenges? The answer is a bit complicated.

Mon 5 Dec, 2011

Prof. Sanford Greenberg of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law discusses a case that examines the role of expert witnesses and the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment.

Thu 1 Dec, 2011

Prof. Jerry Goldman, executive director of The Oyez Project at Chicago-Kent, puts the noteworthy amount of time the Court has allocated for arguments on the 2010 Affordable Care Act into context.

Thu 15 Dec, 2011

Prof. David Schwartz of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law discusses an important patent case, heard by the Court on December 7.

Wed 22 Feb, 2012

Prof. Richard Kling previews the complicated double jeopardy case of Blueford v. Arkansas.

Mon 3 Oct, 2011

The Supreme Court officially kicked off its 2011 term today. Prior to every session, the Marshal of the Court intones, "Oyez, oyez, oyez!" Below is one of the finest examples we've found.

Fri 10 Feb, 2012

The Court's recent opinion in United States v. Jones has potentially far-reaching implications in future search and seizure case. Prof. Douglas Godfrey recaps the opinion and discusses the impact.

Mon 7 Nov, 2011

Prof. Douglas Godfrey of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law discusses the implications of one of the most important Search & Seizure cases the Court will have reviewed in the last decade.

Fri 4 Nov, 2011

Prof. Edward Harris discusses a curious case that has the potential to impact both the definition of political questions and the role of the courts in deciding them, and the relationship between Congress and the President in U.S. foreign relations.