About OyezToday

OYEZTODAY at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law offers you the latest information and media on the current business of the Supreme Court of the United States. OYEZTODAY provides: easy-to-grasp abstracts for every case granted review, timely and searchable audio of oral arguments + transcripts, and up-to-date summaries of the Court's most recent decisions including the Court's full opinions. You will have access to all this information on your iPhone with the ability to share reactions on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. (Recordings of opinion announcements from the bench will follow when the Court releases these files to the National Archives at the start of the Court's next Term).

Chicago-Kent is proud to provide this free service to enhance the public's understanding of the Supreme Court and current legal controversies.


OyezToday provides plain English descriptions for every case that the Supreme Court accepts for review. We add cases as soon as the Court announces the addition. We update these cases after oral argument and after decision.


OyezToday provides users will audio of oral argument at the end of every week in which the Court has scheduled arguments. We synchronize the arguments and transcripts enabling easy search of the audio. We align the audio into sentence-length segments. Tap a segment, listen to the audio. Flip through the segments, tap a particular segment, listen to the audio. It is that simple.


When the Court reaches a decision in a case, it will announce that decision in open court. (The Court delays the release of these announcements for several months. We will add them as soon as we obtain them from the National Archives.) The Court issues a written opinion when it reaches a decision. OyezToday gives you access to the opinion within minutes of release.

Justices & Vote

We summarize the voting alignment of the justices organized either by seniority or by ideology. OyezToday provides biographical sketches of each justice who has participated in the work of the Court during the current Term.

Player & Clipping

The interactive player transforms the audio file into smaller segments matched to a transcript. We identify each speaker turn with the speaker's name and a thumbnail, provided we have the speaker's photo. The clipping icon (media player, lower right) allows you to create and share clips or repurpose them in presentations or documents.

Sorting cases

The main list of cases captures the current Court docket or about 70 cases. You can sort the list in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order or in chronological or reverse chronological order. The default view lists cases in reverse chronological order excluding future events. You can control how to list cases through the Settings app.